Zoom Blower XLT Commercial Bounce House Blower Review

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This is a product review of XLT modelsfrom Zoom Blowers.

Currently Zoom Blowershas 4 XLT blowers available the 1.0 HP XLT, the 1.5 HP XLTthe 2 HP XLTand the 3HP XLT, a fifth 2HP XLT Europe version is also available for units that need to be plugged into a European outlet.

The first thing that I like about the XLT design is that they are stackable in every way. That really comes in handy, when your loading, unloading and traveling with 15 of these. Try doing that with and unstackable unit and you’ll see what I mean.

They’ve got a heavy gauge cord that has a lighted end and the switch on the unit is lighted as well. But most importantly I find that the XLT blowerhas a lower amp draw compared to what I have experienced with other competitive brands.

Just for this reviewing exercise I plugged four blowers into my Honda generator. Two 1.5HP XLT blowers and two 2HP XLT blowers and I did not blow a circuit. I ran them for two and half hours like this.

The air flow is adjustable and with an AC current meter the 1.0 HP XLT Zoom Blower for Inflatables that I tested yielded a PSI of 0.156, AMP 8.27 and power of 8.89W.

Light Weight and Quitexlt-zoom

I started using the 2.0 HP XLT Zoom Blowerlast year and have had mostly all positive feedback, mostly because people like that they are lightweight and quiet compared to the B-Air brands.

After all the testing I have done, using them for about half a season, and listening to what my crew and customers feedback’s are, I would recommend the Zoom Blower XLT models because of their low amp draw, lightweight, stackable design and they’re certainly more affordable than the comprable B-Air brands with the 1.0 HP XLT Zoom Bloweras low as $129.00.

The Cons

The negative feed back I have received so far, is that the on/off switch does not seem to have a hard click. So far we have not heard of the blower not turning on or off, or the biggest fear would be if the blower automatically turns off, while the inflatable is in use. But when you compare the B-Air blowers and even some other ZoomBlower blowers, the switch is usually a hard click and that’s reassuring that the blower will remain running while in the ON position.

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