Rent me today! We have wet and dry inflatables for rent!This article is written specifically for people who are has ever been at a party with a bounce house, and thought to themselves, “I wonder how much money I can make, if I were to rent out bounce houses myself?”

Your next thought may have been “And how much time would I need to put into a bounce house rental business to make some extra cash?”

Owning a bounce house rental business will take up your weekends, flat out. It’s not easy work either, it is physically demanding work. Not only it take up your weekends, but there is a lot time that will be spent maintaining, cleaning and sanitizing your products.

Tests have shown that a bounce house cab be as bacteria filled as a public pay phone or worse. Results of a recent lab test has shown bacteria associated with skin and urine as well as fecal contamination. Since preventing our customers from getting sick is very important, use and apply Simple Greenregularly to reach around pillars and inside the deep seams and cover any area that children come in contact with. It is important to check your manufacturers before using any chemicals on your inflatable.

In many ways your business depends on the appears of your inflatables, so be sure to clean the outside as much as possible as well. And always be sure your inflatables are dry before deflating and packing up to prevent mold and mildew.

Unfortunately, even the highest of quality bounce houses do tear and rip. Sometimes it will be something done by the renters, and sometimes you or your crew will put a tear in them, as your shipping them around town to renters. Since time is money, and you don’t want to make the mistake of dropping your bounce house off with a tear in it, you should always have an Vinyl Repair Pro Patch Kit and extra Vinyl Cement on your truck at all times. It can be the difference of losing an entire day or renting or simple 1 hour of your day, applying a patch.

Basically, you have to understand that your first year in business is going to be mostly dedicated to paying off your inflatable purchases. And setting the standard things up, like creating a website for your business, answering phone calls, taking reservations and maintain your inventory.

Starting a bounce house rental business will take a toll on your family and social life, especially, if you already have a 40 hour work week. Your initial investment will exceed your inflatables, but if your determined, then keep reading and I will try to cover everything you need to know and even suggests some products and tools of the trade that I can recommend.

If you intend on starting your business with the purchase of just 1 bounce house (and this is the most common practice among current bounce houses businesses) then its best to buy the most popular type of bounce house. Your first inflatable should not be Princess Castle Bouncer, for example.

Your first bounce house should be a Rainbow Castle Bounce House because that is the most popular type of bounce house and it’s offered here for $1,895.00 from Ninja Jump, one of the most trusted name is commercial bounce house manufacturing, and I can’t say enough about their great customer service. This one here is a large 15 X 15, and I wouldn’t recommend buying a smaller one than this, you could get a smaller sized inflatable, but if your competition is offering large bounce house that won’t give you a competitive edge on them.

Now, your probably wondering how long will it take to make back that $1,895.00, right? But that isn’t your only initial expense, so keep in mind the first year will be dedicated to making your initial investment back. Your going to need to have a truck to transport the inflatables and make sure it has the proper load capacity, or some people can get away with hauling a trailer, but you still need a truck to tow it.

Do you know how much the rate for renting an inflatable is in your area? I suggest getting on the phone and calling your competition and find out your rates, that way you can figure out how to pay back your initial investment.

Even the smaller inflatable are too heavy for one person to pick up on their own, so you always want to have a dolly with you and make sure every inflatable is placed in a storage bag, most commercial inflatables come with the storage bag, as well as tarps and stakes. But they usually don’t come with Inflatable Water Bags, and they are needed, when you are required to setup in a parking lot with nothing to hammer stakes into.
Of course you bounce houses business wouldn’t work if you didn’t have a dependable bounce house blower to inflate you bouncer. Your bounce house blowers run for continuous hours, so you want to make sure you buy a dependable one. When you buy a commercial bounce house from a dependable manufacturer they usually come with the blower. But what if one burns out, is defective or breaks on you while its suppose to be inflating fun for hours at a party?

Every bounce house business need to have 1 or 2 Extra Bounce House Inflatable Blower on hand in case one of these unexpected things occur. I recommend a B-Air blower, because I’ve had the fewest issues with them, and have experienced them working for years of long and busy summers. This one here is for a standard 15 X 15 bounce house, the Horse power will very depending on the inflatable, be sure to check your manufacturers recommendation before using a blower on your inflatable.


So you can see your initial investment may be a bit higher than you initial thought, but if your determined to start your own bounce house rental business remember a few things.

  • If your starting with just 1 bounce houses, buy the most popular type, which is a Rainbow Castle Bounce House.
  • Make sure you have a vehicle to load, transport and unload your inflatables, and make sure your vehicle or trailer fits the required load capacity and dimensions.
  • Keep your inflatables clean and sanitary at all times for safety and appearance.
  • Stock extra inflatable Vinyl Repair Pro Patch Kit, Bounce House Inflatable Blowers
    and Inflatable Water Bags. It may be a good idea to practice using your patch kit, before it’s necessary.
  • Call your areas competition to find out the average rates for renting out bounce houses.
  • Setup a website, list your business on a directory.

Now with a better understanding of what you need to start your own bounce house rental business make a business plan, buy your necessary inventory and be apart of a booming industry!

March 11, 2015 |

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