Interactive Inflatables

Interactive Inflatables come in all shapes, sizes games and sports. They can add a carnival theme to your party and add a real sports attraction, for people to participate and for others to watch.

Unlike, some of the other traditional bouncers, obstacle courses or slides, interactive inflatables are usually catered toward older children and even adults. Interactive inflatables are a great attraction at carnivals, corporate events, fund-raising events and college activities.

Teenagers and adults alike would be too large for a bounce house and would probably be a little embarrassed to be jumping in one. Where as interactive inflatables are designed for teenage and adult fun.

Inflatable games covers a wide variety of sports, games and sometimes just off-the-wall type of stuff, that is only limited by the imagination of the bounce house manufacturers.

A few examples of the types of interactive inflatables are:

  • Inflatable Bungee Run: This is usually a two lane/two person game where each person whereas a harness that is strapped to a bungee on the users back. Then each person runs down the inflated lane as far as they can until they’re pulled back in a flopping way from the bungee.
  • Inflatable Twister Game: This is basically the twister game that has been popular since the 70s. The inflatable twister game is huge and has a huge dice to decide on which color or body party to use next.
  • Inflatable Boxing Ring: This is especially popular at college events or parties with adults or teenagers.
  • Gladiator Joust Arena: Just like the hit TV show “American Gladiators” some of the rings are really mid-evil and others are a military style. Just like the inflatable boxing ring, this is also popular among the college aged kids.
  • Multi Sports Throwing Games: Inflatable football toss, inflatable baseball, inflatable soccer and inflatable hoops. These inflatable games are just as they sound, no age limit here. The sports games car really be a hit with at any backyard party or carnival event.

The list goes on. Ask your rental company, what types of interactive inflatables they have and what would be good for a adult or teenager party. They will probably have something fun for everyone that you have never heard of before.


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