Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable Water Slides can turn any ordinary party into a wet and wild time. These sky high inflatables can reach up to 20ft high and some have Slip-n-Slides attached that can run up to 4oft long!

Some slides are considered wet/dry, some are dry and some are just water slides. You can’t pour water down a dry slide because they’re not designed that way. Inflatable water slides are engineered with tight seems, to prevent water from seeping in the inflatable where mold and mildew will grow, which will damage the inflatable and cause a serious health hazard for your customers. That is way inflatable water slides have special coverings over the seams to make sure no water gets in.

So if you are interested in having an inflatable water slide party on a hot summer day, expect for there to be lot of water everywhere. AskĀ  your rental company that your interested in renting an inflatable water slide and they should advise you on a safe place where the environment can get wet.

Some water slides are a traditional climb up and slide down type of inflatable water slide. Or there are slip-n-slide inflatables that you run and slide across. Some inflatable slip-n-slides have two lanes, so two competing customers can race through the inflatable slip-n-slide and award the winner that reaches the end first.

Different Themes
Some of the inflatable water slides are tropical themed and some are ocean themed, with dolphins and other aquatic animals on them. That should be considered if you are having a party and the tropical theme, doesn’t fit your party’s theme, so just ask your rental company of different themed options they have.

There are large to small water slides, just like bounce houses, and some have a curved pool at the bottom, and other go straight down. Typically any water slide can work with the proper power and a garden hose for water, again, check with your rental company to be sure you can rent an inflatable water slide in a safe environment.

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