Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides scream big, loud and loads of fun! By their shear size, they draw attention to themselves and stand for sky high fun. Kids will climb and slide for hours at your backyard party or event.

Most inflatable slides have a climbing lane, which is kind of a cross between a stairway and a ladder. The inflatable climb usually has grips every 16 inches or so, that act as a ladder rung or step to help kids climb to the top.

When you’re talking about an inflatable that stands up to 20ft tall, safety is always a concern, especially when it involves kids and especially, since this structure is inflated, it’s not like it’s made of wood or anything. Most rental companies, use commercial high quality inflatable slides, that include a mesh netting that covers the top and around the sides at the top of the slide. This is to prevent anyone from falling off, from jumping or playing. Just to be sure, ask your rental company if there is netting at the top or if there is any possibility of someone falling off the back or side of the inflatable slide.

The textile and printing technology that goes into the creation of these mammoth like slides are astonishing. The attention-getting Inflatable Slides can be seen from a far distance and the delightful screams the kids let out when they are sliding down it, is another attention grabber.

This Commercial Grade Inflatable Slide from Inflatable HQ called the “Racetrack” employs advanced printing technology to “POP” when you first see it from any distance. It also is made with a UV-Protected formula, so they won’t fade baking in the sun. The Racetrack is over 18ft high and 30ft long.

An Inflatable Slide really makes a statement at any party and will be the focal point of the fun filled affair. Any images you see of these on the internet or television just doesn’t do them justice, until you actually see one in person.

Renting an Inflatable Slide will draw attention from kids and adults alike and make your event an impressive  one.

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