Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Inflatable Obstacle Courses provide a different element of fun compared to the traditional bounce house. Most obstacle courses require at least 2 participants to go through a variety of areas, like a ball pit, tunnels to crawl through or go around, nets to crawl under, holes to jump through, half-walls to climb and some are even include an element of water.

When you have a two lane obstacle course the object can be to award the first person who completes the obstacle course the winner.

Many obstacle course come in different sections which can be combined to create one large obstacle course, or then can be used separately as each section on its own. So, if you have limited space, you can should speak to your rental company and find out about renting one or two sections of the course to accommodate your space.

Typically obstacle courses are geared toward an older demographic compared to the traditional bounce house.

The 40 ft Rainbow Mega Obstacle Coursefrom JumpOrange in the image above is called a Mega, because that means it is two or more separate bounce houses put together to make one. This obstacle course includes a jump area, a tunnel, obstacle poles a slide and a climbing wall.

Rental prices vary from market-to-market but you should expect to spend a little more for an obstacle course than you would for a traditional bounce houses, since the cost of buying them is also more. If you are renting a 3 section bounce house, you should also expect to have 1 to 2 bounce house blowers per section. Check with your rental company if regarding the power, some companies offer free generator services, some charge for using their generators.

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