How Many Bouncers Should You Have Before You Buy Interactive Inflatables?

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quality interactive inflatablesIf you own a bounce house rental business and stay busy doing mostly backyard parties, then you may be considering how many units you should have before you buy Interactive Inflatable.

As with any bounce house rental company, success always depends on your market. If you’re not sure of what other bounce house rental companies are selling or how much they’re selling it for, then you need to stop what your doing and do some research. Every market is different and it’s crucial to understand your market to be successful in the bounce house rental business.

Different Markets Demand Different Inflatables

For example I work with a bounce house rental company in Bellefonte, PA and they rent out their Inflatable Boxing Ring every week and even sometimes twice per week in the summer. But then I also have spoken to a bounce house rental company, that has about the same amount of inflatables, and they have an Inflatable Boxing Ring that rarely gets rented out. The difference is the company in Bellefonte, PA is near large college markets and their is a high demand for the Inflatable Boxing Rings there.

So, it pays to know your market. Call the rental companies in your area, try to learn their inventory and find out what they charge.

Tips On How To PreformĀ  Your Own Market Research

A great way to perform market research in your area other than calling your competitors is by adding an interactive inflatable to your website and see if you get any inquires. You can say that the inflatable is currently booked, so you won’t have any dissatisfied customers, but if you get a lot of inquires, then you know there is a demand. Another way, is to simply ask your customers. Ask them what other types of inflatables they would be interested in renting out. Post a poll on your website asking people what types of inflatables would they like to rent, such as Water Slides, obstacle courses, dunk tanks, etc.

As with any commercial inflatable you buy for your business your first goal should be to calculate how long and how many rentals it would take to break even from your investment. If the interactive inflatable that your interested in sells for more than $3,000, then most companies would be working to pay that off for the first year. My suggestion in a small market is to start with one interactive, and see how it goes with that. Once your boxing ring, or obstacle course is setup around town, and your business card and phone number is properly placed, you should start to get more inquires, if the market is right for it.

I conclude with this, when your deciding how many units you should have before you buy an interactive inflatable, the best thing to do is look at your research to make this decision. Just because your competitors don’t have interactives for rent, doesn’t mean there isn’t a demand for it. Buy quality inflatables and calculate how long and how many rentals it will take recoup your investment.

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