Choosing Your First Bounce House To Buy

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There are a lot of things to consider when you have made the decision to buy a bounce house and start your own business. It is easy to make the wrong decision at the very beginning of this new adventure, especially if you have never run any kind of small business before. Owning your own bounce house rental operation is a little more involved than simply buying a bounce house and hoping there is a line of people in your community wanting to rent them out.

One of the most important decisions you will make when starting your own bounce house business is deciding on what inflatable to purchase.

The biggest mistake that appears to be the most common when people start their own bounce house rental business is they buy a themed bounce house as their first purchase. There’s nothing wrong with a rental company with an entire fleet of inflatables to have themed jumpers. In fact a large inflatable rental company can turn very good profits with themed inflatables. However, choosing a themed bounce house for your first inflatable, when you’re starting out is a mistake you will want to avoid.

There are many reasons why buying your first bounce house should not be themed, but the biggest reason is because the themed bounce house will not appeal to a large audience. It’s limited, and when you’re starting out, you don’t want to limit your marketability in any way. You want to do the exact opposite and offer inflatables that the majority of the people in your service area want to rent.

Buy Your First Bounce House That Appeals To Everyone

Let’s say for example the your first inflatable purchase is a Princess Castle Bounce House. You bought it because its a cute and quality commercial bounce houses. A potential client calls you up and asks what types of bounce houses you offer, you immediately talk up the princess castle bounce house to rent. They explain to you that they want to rent a bounce house for their 8-year-old son and a princess theme will not fit into their party’s theme. They hang up and call your competitor and rent out something that not only appeals to their son, but to all the guests at their party. You just lost a sale, because your bounce house is too narrowly themed toward one specific type of client.

Now that you understand that your first bounce house should appeal to everyone, or at least most people in your market, how do know which bounce house is most appealing? That’s actually easy, you buy the world’s most popular type of bounce houses. Since the beginning of the bounce house rental boom to today where the industry is growing at an estimated 55% per year, the most popular bounce house purchased and rented out is still the rainbow castle bounce house.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just the rainbow castle bounce house, you should just stick to buying bounce houses that are themed in the rainbow colors. Buy inflatables that are bright and colorful, even the retro style, which is red, blue and yellow is appealing to most people.

When is it okay to buy a themed bounce house

It’s difficult to say exactly when it’s a good time for a rental company to buy a themed bounce houses, without knowing each market. As with all inflatable rental companies the market dictates the demand. I would say if you’ve been in business for at least two years, you can start doing research in your market about themed jumpers. It’s important to do a good amount of research before buying any bounce house and learn your market.

Research Your Market

Call other competitors in your area and ask what options they have for bounce houses. Ask your competitors what they charge for their themed bounce houses. If you’re being open and honest with your fellow competitors and you explain that you’re in the same business as them, ask them how often they rent them out.

Add a poll on your website, asking clients which type of bounce houses they would like to see as options. You can also add themed bounce houses to your website, but indicate that they are currently rented out, and see how many inquires you get. I’ve personally seen this strategy work, and it helped decide what bounce house to purchase, when the company was thinking of buying a totally different theme.


Never, ever buy a themed bounce house as your first inflatable, it will be a mistake and your competitors will be rewarded for it. Buy a popular colorful bounce house as your first bounce house. If your business has been running successfully for at least two years and you want to buy a themed bounce house, do some research on your competitors and use your website to see what people want in your community.

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