Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are known by different names in different areas of the country. They can also be known as moonwalks, spacewalks, bouncers, bouncy castles, jolly jumps and jumpers to name a few. I prefer to use the term bounce houses, because that is what they are mostly known in my area.

The original bounce house is what stated it all and is the reason why bounce houses are now a booming manufacturing and rental industry. When you are starting your own inflatable rental business the standard Inflatable Castle Bounce House is usually and probably should be the first type of bounce house to buy. The reason why the castle bounce house should be the first bounce house that a new inflatable rental business should buy is because they are the most popular of all of the inflatables.

Most reputable inflatable rental businesses should have a few castle bounce houses to rent.

All commercial bounce houses that sell anywhere from $1,000 up to $10,000 (for a Insane Obstacle Course) are built with heavy duty vinyl that is fire resistant and has high quality stitching. And most come with everything you need to setup, display and use at any event. The standard equipment that should be expected when you rent one are heavy duty steal stakes, or water bags or sand bags if they are being setup in a parking lot on asphalt and a commercial bounce house blower to keep it inflated. Most companies also put their business cards in display slot on the actual bounce house for referrals.

Bounce houses typically have four pillars at each corner and strong, but gentle netting between each pillar, to allow the proper ventialation and so parents can keep an eye on things as kids are jumping around having their fun. Within the bounce house the inflated areas are separated into sections called baffles. This design is the core of the bounce house and allows for many jumping kids to bounce around, while a single or 2 HP blower keeps it inflated for hours.

Many Bounce Houses come in themes, but the image attached here is your standard Inflatable Castle Bounce Houseand is the most popular type. So if your planning a party and don’t want to narrow the theme down to anything specific, the castle bounce house is the way to go.


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