Best Obstacle Courses Under $8,000

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After a host of tests, we examined the best inflatable obstacles courses for the 2015 season under $8,000.

As we seem to say each year, Inflatables keep getting better and better. Nowhere else is this true with inflatable obstacle courses. They continue to challenge us physically, and blow us away with their design and versatility. From military style to USA themed, we have them listed right here.

If you’re looking for an Inflatable Obstacle Course for the 2015 season then your at the right place.

We only test out the commercial inflatables, so you can be sure that all of these inflatables are built with quality stitching and seams that have high safety standards. This list has five obstacle courses and four different manufacturers. We have compiled quite an impressive list at this price point that ranges in length from 34 feet all the way up to 80 feet.

What to look for

When it comes to researching and buying an inflatable obstacle course, three main things should be considered, the theme of the design, the layout of the course and the range of capabilities it has.

Some of the functionality that you will see in the list of obstacle courses below are; jumping, climbing, sliding, tunnels, crawling and obstacle pillars. One of the obstacle courses that we tested is camouflage, three of them are rainbow colors and one of the them is a red, white and blue.


41Fxuf3JSiL80’ Wet/Dry Bongo Obstacle Course

by Superior Inflatables


Price: $5,212.00
Dimension LxWxH (ft.): 80’x16’x18
Weight: 585 lbs.
Includes: Blower(2), Tarp, Stakes, Repair Kit, Warranty
Functionality: bouncer, slide, climb, obstacle pillars, tunnel and wading pool.
Blower: (2) 1.5 HP Include
Shipping: $381.00 on Amazon


The Good: Although this is not a true wet/dry obstacle course in our opinion, it only gets the wet tag because of the optional wading pool at the bottom of the extreme slide. That didn’t bother us at all, because we found that this course has everything you expect in an obstacle course, with a bit a water added. This obstacle course is one that truly ends in a splash.

The Bad: The bounce house in the middle of the course is a bit oddly placed, and since this is an obstacle course it could have been omitted altogether.

The Bottom Line: At just over $5,000 this obstacle course delivers on everything!


jo-obstacle40′ Rainbow Mega Inflatable Obstacle Course
by Jump Orange


Price: $7,599.98
Dimension LxWxH (ft.): 40′ x 11.5′ x 15.5′
Weight: 480 lbs.
Included: Tarp, Stakes, Repair Kit, Glue, Strap, Storage Bag
Functionality: Climb, Slide, Obstacle Poles, Tunnel and Jump
Blower: (2) 1.5 blower included
Shipping: Free on Amazon!


The Good: This 40 footer comes as a 2 pack, so they can be used separately, which is a great advantage for any rental operation. The colors are very vibrant, and we have seen this course that has been used over the course of two season, and there was very little noticeable color fading. The castle pillars really make this obstacle course stand out.

The Bad: We noticed that the section between the two courses didn’t have a very reliable closure, which sometimes caused our testers feet to fall down in between them.

The Bottom Line: A quality obstacle course with bright colors that is perfect for any rental operation to service for many years withstanding the abuse from older kids and adults.


ez-obstacle25’ Obstacle Slide Combo Bounce House
by EZ Inflatable

Price: $6,899.99
Dimension LxWxH (ft.): 25’ x 22’ x 14’
Weight: 353 lbs.
Included: Stakes, Tarp, Patch kit, Glue
Functionality:  Climb, slide, jump, tunnels, obstacle poles
Blower: 1.5 HP blower included
Shipping: $4.99 on Amazon (not a typo)
The Good: The bubbly design sets it apart from other manufacturers. You can’t help but notice the great combination of curves with colors. The course itself is challenging, while being fun, and we especially liked the tunnel with obstacle poles in it.

The Bad: The slide is a bit narrow, so when two people are racing, they can get in the way of each other.

The Bottom Line: Cool design with lots of versatility.


adreneline-rush38′ Adrenaline Rush II Inflatable Obstacle Course

by Superior Inflatables


Price: $7,667.00
Dimension LxWxH (ft.): 38x17x26
Weight: 906 lbs.
Included: Tarp, Stakes, Repair Kit, Safety Sign and Business Card Holder
Blower: (3) 1.5 hrp included
Shipping: $654.49


The Good: Three obstacles courses put together makes for a lot of interactive fun! The entrance holes are a fun way to jump into and start this course. All the functionality proved to be thrilling and energy conducive. The two lane slide is a plus for competition.

The Bad: Must be used as a 3 pack only. If you tried to break this apart for events it really doesn’t work as a 1 piece. So you need to accommodate for the space and power.

The Bottom Line: Hours and hours of fun, for people of all ages!


camo-obstacle68’ Camoflage Obstacle Course
by EZ Inflatables


Price: $7,399.99
Dimension LxWxH (ft.): 68’ x 13’ x 16’
Weight: 569 lbs.
Included: Safety Sign, Business Card Holder, Patch Kit and Tarp
Functionalities: Jump, Slide, Crawl, Tunnels, Climb
Blower: (2) 1.5 hp blowers
Shipping: $4.99


The Good: This camoflage obstacle course screams military and action. When you think of an obstacle course, before all of the rainbow colored one’s came out, you probably thought of a boot camp style obstacle course. The slide is steep and big enough for two people racing each other. And the climbing wall is large and challenging.

The Bad: There are no turns in this course, so it’s actually pretty fast and easy to complete.

The Bottom Line: We wish there was a little more obstacles at this price, but it still delivers on a military style obstacle course.


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