Best Inflatable Water Slides Under $2,500

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If you’re looking for a quality commercial water slide to buy and not pay through the nose, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve tested out five of the best inflatable water slides under $2,500, and we’ll explain the highs and lows of each below. Of all five, our testers have found that the Tropical Mega Wet/Dry Inflatable Bounce House and Water Slide Combo and the Dolphin Mega Wet/Dry Inflatable Water Slide rated particularly well. Read on to find out why.

What you should be looking for

Two of the biggest differences between the inflatable water slides – and what should help to determine which is best for you – lie in the design and marketability.

Some of the inflatable water slides, such as the Tropical Mega Wet/Dry Inflatable Bounce House and Water Slide Combo from Jump Orange has a lot of separate chambers in it. Because of the size, the large palm trees and the fact that it is an inflatable water slide bounce house combo and the fact that it has many chambers causes this inflatable to inflate and deflate slowly.

To size up each of the water slides we note the height of the inflatable, the width and the length. Power is always an important determination when purchasing any inflatable, so we list what horse power blower is require and whether or not the blower is included. Since some people deliver their inflatables on a trailer with a weight limit, the weight is listed for each inflatable. We also take notice at the inflatable’s theme, and how that can affect the promotion of the inflatable and your business.

At this price point, all of the inflatable water slides include, stakes, storage bags, safety signs, safety nets and sprinkler hoses.

One of the slides that we reviewed is a slide / bounce house combo, four of them are wet/dry and one is wet only. One has a tropical theme and three of them have an ocean/waves theme. Four of them are inflatable slides and one of them is a slip-n-slide.

To get a good feel for this gigantic inflatable water slides, our testers bounced, slid and had a lot of fun at a recent major inflatable event featuring all the top manufacturing inflatable companies, from around the United States and around the world. In addition to testing these inflatables ourselves, we received reviews from people that used them as well, which we took into consideration.

JumpOrange-Commercial-Grade-Tropical-Mega-Wet-Dry-Inflatable-Bounce-House-and-Slide-ComboTropical Mega Wet/Dry
Inflatable Bouncy House and Slide Combo with Palm Trees
by Jump Orange

Price: $1,999 on Amazon. ($2,500 everywhere else!)
Dimension LxWxH (ft.): 29.5′ x 12.5′ x 15′
Weight: 350 lbs. Includes: Features: Climb, Slide Water Sprinkler, Safety Emergency Exit, Basketball Hoop and Obstacle Poles.
Blower: 1.5 HP blower, not included
Shipping: Free on Amazon

Ruling: Compared to the competition this Inflatable water slide combo delivers the most functionality at a discounted price.

With a bounce house, basketball hoop, obstacle poles and water slide you can generate loads of cash renting this baby out though all four seasons. The stitching, as with all Jump Orange inflatables is at a superior and quality level. The seams are tight, to ensure no water gets inside the chambers to prevent mold or mildew. The tropical theme is done well and not in a tacky way. Our testers found the material of the slide itself to be smooth, slippery, and strong.

And we appreciate the size of this combo. For a combo with a lot of useful functionalists, standing at 15ft high is an impressive vantage point. It’s a little heavier than the others, because it’s a combo, so that may deter someone that uses a small trailer. We give this inflatable water slide our highest remarks and most recommended because of its versatility and bargain price.

quality-retro-inflatable-slideBackyard Retro Wet/Dry Slide
by Tent and Table

Price: $2,499
Dimension LxWxH (ft.): 25′ x 12′ x 15′
Weight: 353 lbs.
Includes: Stakes, Storage Bag, Straps, Repair Kit, Safety Sign, Sprinkler Hose and Business Card Holder.
Blower: 1.5 HP blower included
Free on Amazon

Ruling: A great retro style water slide.

Tent and Table brings their experience and manufacturing expertise to this wet and dry slide. The great thing about a retro style slide or any retro style inflatable is that they are recognizable and they fit into most party’s themes. The drawback of the design of this inflatable is that it doesn’t have a jaw-dropping effect that some other designs do. However, if you’re looking for an affordable water slide to add to your inventory, and need a quality commercial inflatable, this one will meet those expectations.

The testers found it easy to climb up the inflatable ladder and the netting from atop the slide was very secure from a safety standpoint and it was very easy to look through, not too obstructing from a visual standpoint. Some people buy only one brand, and if Tent and Table is your brand, you know that deals like this don’t come around too often.

quality-inflatable-dolphine-sldieDolphin Mega Wet/Dry Inflatable Water Slide
by Jump Orange

Price: $1,999
Dimension LxWxH (ft.): 21.5′ x 10.5′ x 14′
Weight: 250 lbs.
Theme: Dolphins/Ocean
Includes: Sprinkler Hose, Safety Sign
Blower: 1.5 HP blower, not included
Free on Amazon

Ruling: A quality ocean themed water slide that screams hot summer fun.

There are two ways you can look at an ocean themed inflatable water slide; one way to look at it is you can tell this is a water slide from a far distance and it makes people want to go grab their swimming trunks and slide down that huge slide. The other way to look at it, is that it’s too much of a water theme, and if you are going to use it as a dry slide your customers may not want a dolphin slide. Our testers and reviewers argue that this theme is not too specific and it can just as easily be rented out as a dry slide as it can as a water slide.

If you can buy a quality commercial inflatable water slide from a reputable company like Jump Orange under $2,000 you’re going to get good remarks from our testers. We deduct a few points for the safety netting, being a little limited in terms of how easy it is to see through it, but safety is not a concern with the net. Deflated this inflatable water slide is just 250 lbs. so it’s ideal for any smaller companies that need to pull this in-tow.

quality-curved-slideHigh Curved Single Bay Wet/Dry Inflatable Water Slide
by Tent and Table

Price: $2,199 on Amazon ($2,999 everywhere else!)
Dimension LxWxH (ft.):  27′ x 13′ x 16′
Weight:  353 lbs
Theme:  Ocean/Waves
Includes: Stakes, Storage Bag, Straps, Repair Kit, Safety Sign, Sprinkler Hose and Business Card Holder.
Blower: 1.5 HP included
Free on Amazon

Ruling: A solid wet/dry slide with curve appeal.

The only curved slide in our list was enjoyed not only by our testers, but also everyone we interviewed that took a ride down the ocean themed slide. Curve slides add a little more excitement and a little more fun to the whole inflatable water slide experience. As with any inflatable; the size and visibility – not only to those that are climbing and sliding down these slides are important, but it’s equally important from a marketing standpoint for the onlookers down below. The curve on this slide can slightly limit the effect of seeing all the enjoyment and fun the kids are having. When you have an inflatable slide that is straight, you can see all the kids slide down from the front and both sides, but the curved side is limited to the front and only one side, and from a marketing standpoint this is a drawback. Our testers moved around and took pictures to make this point.

However, this slide is appealing to the eye and the blue reflects the color of the ocean and the white waves look like fluffy cream puffs crashing on top of each other. Nobody we interviewed said they didn’t like the design, if fact just about everyone loved it.

The conclusion is this is a great ocean themed wet/dry curved water slide that is listed on Amazon for $800 less than other sites have it listed for, (great bargain deal!)

quality slip-n-slideDouble Lane Slip-n-Slide
by Tent and Table

Price: $2,499
Dimension LxWxH (ft.):  36′ x 12′ x 9′
Weight: 310 lbs.
Theme: Ocean/Waves
Includes: Stakes, Storage Bag, Straps, Vinyl Repair Kit, Safety Sign, Business Card Holder and Two Misting Hoses
Blower: 2 HP Included
Free on Amazon!

Ruling: A fun and thrilling ride, but can get boring after a few runs.

Our testers had a great time reviewing this product. The entrance of this two lane slip-n-slid is elevated to 3.5ft then drops to about 2ft so you can slide on your belly and the momentum will propel you all the way to the end of the this 36 foot long slip-n-slide. The design is eye-catching and fun. It draws attention to itself by having three separate arches that sour to nine feet high.

This slip-n-slide can only be used wet, so if you’re looking for some versatility, you won’t find it here. The nine foot arches are nice, but you won’t see this inflatable from a far distance like a 15 foot slide. The construction and engineering of this inflatable is solid and should stand up to years of wear-and-tear. Not only did we have the privilege of testing this inflatable out, but we also spent some time at an event where the Double Lane Slip-n-Slide by Tent and Table was featured and we did notice that the novelty of using this did appear to wear off quicker than say an inflatable water slide.  Having that said, everyone was having fun and enjoying the unique opportunity sliding down an inflatable slip-n-slid trying to reach the end faster than their opponent.

Our conclusion to this slip-n-slide is that it’s at a great price, it is a quality inflatable and at 36 feet in length, is not short on size. If your business is looking to buy their first and only inflatable water slide, I would lean toward a wet/dry slide.


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