Best Commercial Bounce Houses Under $1,000

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It sounds impossible, but you can actually find a quality commercial bounce house under $1,000. I’m not talking about a used one either. We’ve tested inflatables from these manufacturers in the past, so you can rest assure, that these brands are top quality.

Want to own a bounce house so you don’t have to keep renting them?

Bounce houses have become so popular, that parents have found it’s worth it to spend a lot of money up front, rather than dealing with a rental company and all that goes with that; such as scheduling, pick-up, drop-off, unexpected rips, unpleasant business owners, etc.

I’m not giving bounce house rental owners a bad rap, in fact almost all jumper rental owners, I’ve met over the years have been pleasant to deal with. But if you have a large family and throw summer parties often, it would be so much easier to pull the moonwalk out of the shed and plug it in.

Own a bounce house rental operation and looking for a good deal on an inflatable?

Most bounce house business owners know that buying an inflatable to rent out can cost you up to $10,000. Finding a true commercial inflatable bounce houses under $1,000 is hard to find, unless you’re buying a used bounce house. But the list of bounce houses we have found are neither used or expensive.

If you are looking for a classic bounce house to buy and like the idea of spending just a short time in recouping that expense and start making total profit, look into buying one of the bounce houses below.


Commercial Grade Jungle Bounce by Inflatable HQ


As the name in the title indicates this is a commercial grade bounce house made with 100% commercial grade PVC. It’s a jungle themed done in a very good way, not too over the top. A great use of greens, browns and yellow. This bounce house does not necessarily need to be part of a tropical themed party, it can fit into almost any event.

Looks can be deceiving, but this jumper is 17’ x 13.5’ x 12.5’ so it really fits in the middle in terms of average sizes of commercial grade inflatables. This particular model includes the blower that is UL-listed, to ensure its been quality tested. This would be a great inflatable for anyone looking to own a bounce houses for personal use, or to rent out for their business.




DuraLite 13’X13′ Safari Party House by JumpOrange


Our second bounce house under $1,000 is another tropical/safari themed inflatable. If you’re shopping for a commercial grade inflatable, then you just can’t find a more reputable and respected company like Jump Orange.

This 13’ x 13’ jumper comes with an entrance ramp and also its own blower. The commercial grade material make it a great addition to any rental operation, or just home use.





If you’re looking for a classic bounce house, this one is it. This red and yellow castle bounce house is most popular themed jumper of all inflatables. It will rent out often, because it appeals to a wide range of parties and themes.

This bounce house comes with everything you need including a business card holder, a blower, stakes, tarp, patch kit and safety rules. You might need to hurry on this one, as there is a limit supplies on these before they’re all gone. Blast Zone is one of the most trusted brands of all inflatables with exceptional customer service.

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