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You’re new to the bounce house industry, and you want your first bounce house to be a quality and durable bounce house that hopefully lasts for years. But how do you know what are the best bounce house brands?

You don’t and that’s a problem, isn’t it? If your first bounce house ends up tearing or even worse causes an injury to a child, your business could be doomed before it ever turns a profit. It’s not like bounce house brands are common household names that you know you can trust. Beginners to the bounce house rental business need to get informed on what are the best bounce house brands.

Let’s get something clear from the start, if you’re operating a bounce house rental company you need to only focus on the commercial bounce house brands. You can’t go to Cosco and buy a residential bounce house and then start advertising that you own a bounce house rental business. It simply doesn’t work that way.

High Standards

What you’re looking for is a quality inflatable bounce house that looks impressive and stands up to the abuse of young and older kids. It will endure the constant inflating and deflating in hot summers days and cold autumn nights and shipped from one rental destination to another.. The abuse that these puppy’s take is incredible, so when you see a rental company that has used the same bouncer for years and still looks good and is fully operational, you take notice. I can’t help but be impressed and respect the quality craftsmanship of the best bounce house brands.

Some of the things we have looked at in examining the best bounce house brands is the quality of stitching they use, the tight seems, bright colors that won’t fade, emergency exits, excellent safety nets, creative designs and quality and thick vinyl materials.

Best Bounce House Brands List

best bounce house brands
Jump Orange From California, Jump Orange set stands high with their impressive designs and tough materials. They supply rental companies with their inflatables all over the US and abroad. Through our very own experience their customer service is top-notch. When you buy one of their inflatables it comes with the appropriate blowers needed, tarps, stakes, storage bag, patch kit, glue and entrance/exit ramps.

All of Jump Orange’s inflatable are equipped with safety strips which can be ripped open and used as an exit in case of an emergency.

Jump Orange is a brand you can trust.

best bounce house brands

Superior Inflatables in an innovator in the inflatable industry and they support the rental industry as much as they can. When you buy an inflatable from Superior from Amazon or anywhere you become part of their community and will help you in any way that they can. They feel that your success in renting out their inflatables is part of their continued success. Perhaps their biggest contribution to the industry is by putting out top-notch and quality inflatables combined with great customer service. If this is your first inquiry into bounce house manufacturers you’ve probably noticed the Superior Inflatables logo on television or at a local event because they are very active with branding their name and sponsoring popular inflatable events. You really can’t get an inflatable more superior to a superior inflatable.

best bounce house brands

TentAndTable From upstate New York, they manufacture their inflatables in China, but they are high quality commercial inflatables. Tent and Table also includes the tarp, stakes, blowers, patch kits and glue. The difference between Tent and Table and the others is, they are a complete party rental business that sells everything from party tents to heavy duty dollies. They offer an impressive selection of inflatables in the five major categories and add new designs each year. Their 18 oz. vinyl is durable enough for continuous use on pavement and asphalt. They’ve been in business for over 25 years now, and that experience gives people a peace of mind.

best bounce house brands
Ninja Jump Out of California, Ninja Jump has been some smart business decisions that separates them apart from any other brand. Ninja Jump is the only inflatable manufacturer that has licensing contracts with companies like Disney, Pixar and Warner Brothers to name a few. So if you looking for a themed bounce house of the latest hit movie or character, you will be looking into buying a Ninja Jump Bouncer.

Aside from their themes, they also make a really good high quality inflatable, that comes with everything you need to set up and rent out. Their customer service is top-notch and this is another inflatable company with over two decades of experience.

best bounce house brands

EZ Inflatables Another company from California, but these inflatables are actually made in the USA. Some people will choose EZ Inflatables, just for that reason. But if that is your only reason you should also know they use 18.5 oz pvc coated vinyl material, reinforced netting and heavy duty nylon threads. They pride themselves on good customer service and maintain long lasting relationships with their customers.

EZ Inflatables offers many traditional and innovative designs and they continue to add to their existing inventory.

best bounce house brands

Blast Zone from the West coast in Nevada, Blast Zone has been designing and manufacturing both residential and commercial inflatables since 1995. Their unique designs truly set them apart with distinctively castle-like pillars and bright colors that don’t fade. Blast Zone inflatables come with a 2-year warranty, where most others come with a standard 1-year warranty. They are also slightly more affordable than some of their competitors, which is always a bonus, especially if you’re if you’re a beginner to the bounce house rental business.

Blast Zone is the only one on this list that offers residential bounce houses and their designs will grab your attention the second you see them.

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