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2019 Best Bounce Houses

I created this site to share everything I know about Bounce Houses. InflatableDirectory.com gives consumers a place to search for a local Bounce Houses business and get educated on renting or buying all types of inflatables.

Choosing a Bounce House to rent for your backyard party, local church event, fund-raiser or carnival is not so easy because there are so many options to choose from. If you are interested in renting a bounce houses, the first thing you should consider is who is your audience? Is your event going to cater toward lots of small children? adults? are the kids mostly or all girls? boys? These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself to help determine which type of inflatable will be best for your event.

If you are a person that holds an annual event with Inflatables, then perhaps you should consider buying your own Bounce House rather than spending the money to rent them each year. Or you may own a rental business and InflatableDirectory.com can help you choose the best inflatable for your business. Your local customers can browse by state and find your business in the directory. Our review process of the best bounce houses is the most comprehensive and hands on than any other source.

My Experience in the Inflatable Industry

I’ve worked in the trenches for one of the world’s largest and most successful bounce house manufacturing business for many years. Now I’m a consultant for many rental companies across the U.S., from Ocean City, Maryland all the way to the West coast in San Diego and many companies in between. I love working in the inflatable industry and helping businesses succeed.  I travel to Orlando, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta and Toronto each year to large inflatable events, where all the top Inflatable manufacturers meet to show off their latest models and sell their products. Here, I am able to stay on top of this evolving industry and test out all the brands and types of inflatables.

I created InflatableDirectory.com to use my knowledge to inform the consumers that are searching for a reputable bounce house rental business. And also to provide an informed source in the inflatable industry for business owners or perspective business owners. The great thing about starting a bounce house rental business is all you need to start one is with starting with 1 bounce house and having a way to transport it from party to party. People that start out their business this way quickly find out it takes up more time than they originally thought, and its a more difficult than what they expected. That is why we created Tips for Starting A Bounce House Business and continue to add more educational blogs and information to help businesses with an informed source in the inflatable industry.  How much does insurance cost for my business? How to clean my bounce house? What brand should I shop from? How many bouncers should I have before I buy an Interactive Inflatable? Are all examples of questions that we answer in InflatableDirectory.com. I also provide in-depth and comprehensive reviews of 2015 Best Bounce Houses for Sale and their accessories to help people with their decisions on which inflatables they should buy.

Benefits of choosing the right Inflatable for you:

  • The inflatable’s theme could match your event’s theme.
  • Match the type of inflatable with the demographic of your event.
  • Choosing an Inflatable that POPS! and grabs everyone’s attention.
  • Save money $$$ by buying an inflatable rather than renting one every year.
  • Select an inflatable that broadly appeals to as many kids as possible.
  • Choose a Bounce House that is SAFE and state certified.
  • Rent or own a quality inflatable that will last for years of fun.
  • Find a unique inflatable that doesn’t exist in your market.

What to look for when renting or buying an Inflatable:

Type – Choose a standard Bounce House or an Inflatable Obstacle Course, Inflatable Slides, Inflatable Water Slides or an Interactive Inflatable.
Brand – Different brands can fit a different type of style that you may be appealed to. Many bounce house rental companies have multiple inflatables to rent from that all come from one brand.
Price – Almost every buying decision in life is in some-way decided by price. Typically the more functionality and size of the inflatable the higher the price.
Functionality – This is similar to type, but thinking about the functionality will help you decide what type of inflatable is best for you to rent or buy.
Theme – Choosing a theme, such as a princess castles is great for a girls party. A tropical slip-n-slide would be cool for an adult Hawaiian party.
Safety – Keeping our kids safe on these inflatables is always important, that is why I don’t include any inflatable manufacturers that don’t meet state safety standards.

How to find the best Bounce House Rental Company in your area:

Educate your self on InflatableDirectory.com. This site is full of useful information about inflatables and our popular blogs are updated weekly to inform both the consumer and the business owners.
Search all of the businesses in your area. Type your city in the search box and review all of the companies listed in your area. If a listing doesn’t have the information your looking for, such as a list of types of inflatables they rent out, then give them a call or click on their website to see if it’s listed there.
Read the reviews. Comments from people that have already rented out inflatables from a local company is a great way to get an idea of how they operate their business.
Review the rental company’s website. A nice looking and functional website helps to legitimize a business and may speak to the companies years of experience in the industry. A good looking website however, does not guarantee a satisfied experience with your rental company.
Book online. Companies that offer a book online function on their website, or through InflatableDirectory.com are companies that usually have a few years experience in their business. This is a convenience that many people appreciate.

Types of Inflatables

Choosing the right inflatable is important once you have decided that you need an inflatable to buy or rent. The main types of inflatables to buy or rent are; Bounce Houses, Inflatable Obstacle Courses, Inflatable Slides, Inflatable Water Slides and Interactive Inflatables, which include sports throwing games, carnival type games, boxing arenas, and much more! We have a complete breakdown of each types of the Inflatables at our own Types of Inflatables page.

Bounce Houses

quality bounce housesBounce Houses are the most common of all the inflatables and they are also known as moonwalks, jolly jumpers, bouncers, jumpers and I’m sure there are a few more terms depending on your market. The most popular bounce houses is the rainbow castle bounce houses. This is the bounce house that started it all and was the first inflatable to grab kids and parents attention alike to launch what is now a booming rental and manufacturing business in the U.S. and abroad. The rainbow castle bounce house is typically a 12ft-15ft square with four pillars and netting between each pillar. Most 15ft bounce house castles can fit up to 12 bouncing kids at a time. The advantage of the standard castle bounce house is that it appeals to a broad range of people and events, it’s not too themed or specific, so they get rented out most often. But the draw back is that every company has one, so if your looking to impress at your party with something that nobody has experienced before, the castle bounce house won’t deliver that.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

quality inflatable obstacle coursesInflatable Obstacle Courses simply put are totally awesome. They’re fun for all ages, they’re different, exciting, can be used a race and has even spawned an entirely different industry within the inflatable industry. The Insane Inflatable 5k or example, is a competitive racing competition that holds races in over 70 cities around the U.S. The elements of an Inflatable Obstacle Course is climbing walls, slides, pillars to run around, tunnels, up and down levels, ball pits and wrecking balls. Renting an Inflatable Obstacle Course is ideal for an event that includes both adults and older kids. This would not be ideal for small children. But if you looking to add a different and exciting element to your event, you should at least consider an obstacle course to rent or buy.

Inflatable Water Slides

quality inflatable water slidesRenting or buying Inflatable Water Slides is like bringing a water park right to your backyard or delivered to any event. All you need is a garden house and kids will be climbing up to heights of up to 20ft and sliding down these huge Inflatable Water Slides. Most, but not all Inflatable Water Slides can also be used as a dry slide as well. Some of the slides have a small waiting pool at the bottom and some are curved. There are also Slip-n-Slides which is a bit more interactive than the sky high slides and are usually setup as a two-lane race, where the winner is awarded to the first person to cross the finish line.

Inflatable Slides

quality inflatable slidesThe Inflatable Slides are similar in design to the inflatable water slides, except they can only be used dry. They also reach up to heights of 20ft and can get those butterflies buzzing as you slide down the slippery surface. The great advantage of these is the eye-catching affect. You can spot one of these from far way and if your at an event with one, you can not avoid being awed from the sheer size of them. If your business is just starting out and you only have the standard bounce houses to rent, Inflatable Slides are a popular choice to be the second type of inflatable to buy.

Interactive Inflatables

quality interactive inflatablesAre you looking to add a new element to an annual party that is starting to get stale. Then look into renting or buying an Interactive Inflatable. Nothing says fun more, than stepping into a Gladiator Area and jousting it out with your friends like the classic television show American Gladiators. Or bring traditional sports to your backyard with an inflatable football throwing game, baseball, soccer and basketball. Older kids and adults will battle it out to see who is the best at the sport for hours. The Inflatable Boxing Rings are a real favorite at college type events.


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